A1 Westautobahn

Rest areas and sevice stations along the A1 »Westautobahn« between Vienna and Salzburg with petrol stations and restaurants.

Motorway A1 »Westautobahn«: Vienna - Salzburg (German Border) © freifahrt.at

    Rest Area, Petrol Station on the A1 Motorway

    The motorways A1 is called »Westautobahn« in Austria. The motorway A1 »Westautobahn« connects Vienna to the west via Linz and Salzburg and ends at the border between Germany and Austria. There you can continue on a german motorway to Munich. In our list of rest areas and petrol stations you will find kilometers. They are always the distance from the official starting point independent of the direction you are using. Many of them are also offering free WiFi, cash services or even a place to take a shower.

    Length of the Motorway: 301 Kilometers
    Federl States: Vienna, Lower Austria, Upper Austria, Salzburg

    Motorway A1: Rest Areas from Vienna to Salzburg / Walserberg

    The list of rest areas and petrol stations on the motorway A1 is already according to the driving direction.

    27,42 Großram
    32,70 Steinhäusl (Petrol Station)
    44,88 Kirchstetten
    62,94 St. Pölten (Petrol Station)
    76,82 Roggendorf
    88,04 Ornding
    101,38 Kemmelbach (Petrol Station)
    118,17 Viehdorf
    136,01 Strengberg (Petrol Station)
    147,10 Ennsblick
    156,79 Enns Nord
    171,01 Ansfelden Nord (Petrol Station)
    182,60 Allhaming Nord
    212,26 Lindach Nord (Petrol Station)
    230,72 Hainbach Nord
    243,76 Wildenhag Nord
    251,03 Oberwang
    259,23 Mondsee (Petrol Station)
    268,98 Schafbergblick
    274,82 Enzersberg
    282,75 Salzburger Tor
    287,89 Kasern (Petrol Station)
    300,73 Walserberg Nord (Petrol Station)

    Motorway A1: Rest Areas from Salzburg to Vienna

    The list of rest areas and petrol stations on the motorway A1 is already according to the driving direction.

    300,71 Walserberg Süd (Petrol Station)
    286,46 Söllheim (Petrol Station)
    277,55 Salzburger Vorland
    270,63 Vetterbach
    259,23 Mondsee (Petrol Station)
    243,67 Straß
    230,70 Hainbach Süd
    212,27 Lindach Süd (Petrol Station)
    182,59 Allhaming Süd
    170,93 Ansfelden Süd (Petrol Station)
    156,19 Enns Süd
    143,54 Haag (Petrol Station)
    130,52 Oed
    119,36 Amstetten
    100,32 Ybbs (Petrol Station)
    76,81 Schallaburg
    62,94 St. Pölten (Petrol Station)
    44,88 Kesselhof
    32,70 Steinhäusl (Petrol Station)
    27,42 Großram

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